Young Adults

Welcome to Leicester!

Students and young adults, it’s great to have you in our amazing city, and we hope to meet many of you soon.

No matter who you are, what you believe, what questions you have and where you are in your life at this moment… we will care for, show interest in, encourage, inspire and love you the best we can. Here at TLC, we have a place for every student and young adult to come, meet friends, find family, enjoy food, connect with events, join a small group and grow in every way.

So why not come and try out TLC soon? As a church, we meet in 8 campuses around Leicester, including campuses in Oadby (near halls) and Highfields (a short walk from LU Campus). But we want to point you towards 2 campuses in particular – our morning 11am City Campus, and our evening 5pm UpperT Campus.


Venue: 2Funky Music Cafe, LE3 5NH

Time: 11am

More info about City Campus? Click here


Venue: Trinity Life Church, LE2 1GL

Time: 5pm

More info about UpperT Campus? Click here