What is the Good News?

1. God Loves Us. God is the all powerful, all knowing and all loving supreme maker of all things. He made the universe and everything in it, with purpose and care. He also made people. We were planned and made to know God, to be close to Him and to be like Him. We are made, known and loved by God. You are made, known and loved by God.

2. We Have Sinned. We were made with free will, able to make our own choice to know and love God or not. Since the first people up until now, we have chosen to put ‘ourselves’ first. Every imperfect thing we do (sin) means we cannot be close to a perfect God. We have fallen short of God’s standard, and we deserve to be apart from Him forever.

3. Jesus Died For Us. The only way for us to be forgiven and made right was for a price to be paid. God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son – Jesus. Fully God and fully man, Jesus came to earth as a baby, lived a perfect life, died on a cross instead of us, and was raised back to life. Through Jesus, we can be forgiven and receive eternal life.

4. How Will We Respond? We have a choice to make. Will you choose to say sorry for your sin, believe in Jesus and what He has done for you, and receive this new life that He offers to every person? Repent. Believe. Come to Jesus. Live for Him. Know life with God, now and forever. Why not pray now using this prayer…

Lord Jesus, Thank you that you know me, and thank you that you love me. I am sorry for my sin and mistakes. Today I choose to accept the gift of life that You paid for and to follow you as my Lord and Saviour. Help me to live a life that brings You glory. In Your Name, Amen

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1. Pray

God is all knowing, all powerful and all loving. We know that He hears us when we speak to Him, and that He also speaks to us in many ways. This connection is called ‘prayer’, and the first step to knowing God more is to begin talking with him like a friend. Make speaking with, listening to and connecting with God part of your everyday life.

2. The Bible

The Bible is a collection of 66 books, written by many authors and all inspired by God. Every word of it is alive and powerful, able to show us who God is, who we are and what Jesus has done. Open it, download it, begin to read it and expect God will speak to you through it. Today, find hope, truth, answers, inspiration and more in the Bible.

3. Church

It is more than you thought. The Church is the family of God, here on earth. Meeting together in gatherings of all sizes around the globe, being part of a church is a place to worship God together, be encouraged, share life, serve, give and grow in every way. We were never made to do this alone – find a local church that you can call home.

4. Share

This Good News is something that everyone needs to know. And now, you are part of the mission Jesus started. You can make a difference with your life. Live a life full of God’s love. Let the words you speak be full of life that Jesus brings. Share the Good News. Bring Jesus into your conversation.  Begin to share Jesus with your world today.

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