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BUT … we don’t want you to stop reading until you are clear about something …

The God of the Bible is passionate about YOU – yes, you!
So much so, that in his quest to restore a personal relationship with you, He sent his Son Jesus Christ to die in your place so that you can be his child.

We would love to be able to talk to you about this further. After all, we at TLC are also broken people being mended. We long for you to find the same love that has transformed our lives.

Whatever your life has been so far, there is a whole new chapter waiting … eternal life starts at the cross of Jesus.

Do you have questions and are not sure where to go next? Why not email and let us help you further on your journey.

See below for an interactive explanation of the Gospel – what we believe about Jesus (click or swipe through the images) and click here to view our ‘4×4’ video resources explaining the Good News and helping you with your first steps on the journey of following Jesus.

The Bible is the Word of God. The miracle of God speaking to us through the Bible is one we should never take for granted or get tired of. Day by day, we can read, take in, be changed by and inspired by the very words that God has given to us.

If you’ve never tried reading the Bible, then start today. Pray that God would bring the words alive, and that you would be impacted by what He has to say to you today.

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Finally, if you want to meet with Jesus for yourself, or have questions, find your way to a TLC campus and we would love to speak with you and introduce you to the Saviour of the World, and the Answer for every single person in the world.

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